Mario is on another crazy adventure to save the princess from Bowser. Only player one can play as Mario. Player two, three, or four has to pick from the other three characters. When you get 99 lives, Mario will take off his hat and you get to play in the levels with hatless Mario. If you die, the moment is over for you.


Mario can use all of the power-ups. There is no limit.

  • Small Mario (starting form)
  • Super Mushroom (makes Mario normal size)
  • Propeller Mushroom (gives Mario an extra flying boost)
  • Mini-mushroom (makes Mario really teeny)
  • Super Star (Mario is invincible for a limited time)
  • Fire Flower (Mario can shoot fireballs)
  • Ice Flower (Mario can shoot iceballs and freeze enemies)
  • Penguin Suit (Mario can bellyslide on any surface and shoot iceballs)

Mario Gallery

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